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The Truth About Account-Based Marketing Strategies

Landing in spam jail is what every digital marketing professional fears the most. Domains being flagged as spam is a scary and real possibility if you don’t go about account-based marketing (ABM) in the right way. Often, marketers cave under pressure from sales managers demands and the results are never good. Your carefully-crafted and expertly-targeted email messages will get blocked and none of them will be opened or read if this happens. Bad email marketing methods can flag the domain and/or result in a large number of readers unsubscribing from your list. This doesn’t have to happen. Here’s the truth about account based-marketing strategies and what you can do you keep your domain out of spam jail.

Bad Email Marketing Behavior

ABM is behind a lot of bad email marketing behavior. Additionally, targeting individual companies or recipients can generate an overwhelming number of email messages. These account-based emails can easily get out of hand. In particular, this happens when you keep adding messages and sequences to your integrated marketing platforms such as MailChimp. This often leaves your subscribers feeling inundated. And how do they handle that? Without a doubt, they click unsubscribe and you’ve lost the opportunity to interact with them.

Emails blocked by the recipient’s spam is another problem for digital marketers. This stems from the fact that many B2B companies are having problems with the sheer number of automated emails heading their way. At any one time, your sales, marketing, and customer services departments may be sending emails to the same people. The amount of traffic from your domain to the B2B company’s server could be flagged by their filters as spam. Now that you’ve landed in spam jail, none of those messages will be delivered.

Tips for Better Email Marketing

1. Keep an eye on your email stats. When you regularly monitor your email stats, you can see quickly when a particular campaign is or isn’t working. If you notice a lot of recipients clicking to unsubscribe or not opening, you’ll want to find out why before continuing the campaign.

2. Don’t rely too heavily on automation. Automation is a great tool for sending prompt emails about things like new products and pricing. It can also work well for acknowledging orders as well as other client actions. Remember: automation was never intended to replace the human aspect of sales. Be careful about relying too heavily on mass email campaigns especially when it comes to sales.

3. Coordinate your email efforts. It’s easy to end up sending too many emails when each department in your company has its own MailChimp account. Unfortunately, the result overwhelms the recipient and can send duplicate information. You can easily avoid this by having your departments work together to coordinate messaging. At the very least, you should have an email gatekeeper who approves all promotional or mass email campaigns before they are sent.

Implementing the Sales Team

The most important thing you can do with ABM marketing is to include your sales team in the decision-making. Your sales group has invaluable insights on targeting by company and title and can help you focus ads in effective ways. Don’t forget that there is a very important sales component when executing ABM strategies that you may not have a full understanding of if only using marketing expertise. There are many parts to the ABM puzzle that only fit together if you use all of the pieces.

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