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Top B2B Marketing Strategies You Should Know in 2021

For most businesses, New Year is all about focusing on getting better results in your business – usually in the form of revenue. This means thinking carefully about leveraging marketing to drive your business forward in the new year. Here are our top 5 marketing strategies that you can use to seize the opportunity in 2021.

Build Your Presence with Targeted Content Development

Organic traffic and SERPs play the biggest role in ranking your website. People go to search engines to find solutions to their pain points. Having a website that has value-driven content builds your reputation and consumer base.

  • Analyze your site to see where customers spend the most time, engage the most frequently, and where gaps lie between your messaging and your buyer’s journey.
  • Research your key buyer’s needs and reassess the issues that matter the most to them in 2021. It’s possible that 2020, changed their perspective.
  • Do market research to deliver strong, relevant content.

Uncover the Power of Account-Based Marketing Strategies

Personalization is important when it comes to building relationships with customers. Account-based marketing allows brands to nurture an environment with custom levels of individualization.

Account-based marketing  helps you better address specific account’s pain points. It demonstrates the ability to help customers and address obstacles in a more custom way.  It takes more research and planning, but if you get your marketing and sales teams working together, over time you can land some whales.

Cultivate Reviews and Testimonials From Satisfied Customers 

While 93 percent of customers report that they read online reviews before buying a consumer product, B2B is a different. Testimonials and case studies are valued more as they tell a better story. Yelp isn’t enough for big ticket sales.

You will need to make an effort to mine positive feedback and reviews once your client has experienced your service, unlike direct to consumer products that can mine reviews more quickly after the purchase. 

  • If you are listed on directory services like G2 or Capterra, you can encourage reviews there. 
  • Include links to your review pages in follow up messages and emails. 
  • Offer special publicity for case studies by showcasing these customers.
  • Focus on creating superior customer experiences so you create positive associations with your brand.
  • Surprise customers with additional offers and freebies. Tech startups aren’t the only ones that benefit from cool swag!

Employ Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing offers tremendous ROI potential. It is an excellent channel for engaging customers. For every $1 you spend, you can earn as much as $38. A great way to use email marketing strategy effectively is to send your customer value-driven emails that communicate at their specific stage of their buyer’s journey. The best way to accomplish this goal lies in segmentation.

Separating your email lists into segments in your email system based on triggers that identify where they are in their journey. For example, you may know that reading a particular blog posts is only of interest to people at the top of your funnel. If they read it and convert, you can tag them accordingly then send targeted emails that start to address concerns specific to someone at that stage of their decision.

Reward Loyal Customers 

Throughout the upcoming year, you also want to develop strategies for rewarding local customers. Over half of American consumers report that they will join a loyalty program if they regularly purchase from the brand and 84 percent have redeemed something from a loyalty program. Interestingly, 92 percent of customers also report that loyalty programs will influence their purchasing decisions. 

Creating a custom loyalty program benefits your organization in multiple ways. It encourages customers to make repeat purchases if they know they are working towards a reward that will benefit them in the future. A loyalty program also allows you to let customers know that their business is appreciated. Loyalty programs help to say, ‘thank you’, and thus bring a more personal touch to those valued repeat customers. 

As you prepare for 2021, see how these strategies can help you build a strong marketing plan and move your business forward.

If you need help implementing any of these techniques, reach out to us at the Pollock Marketing Group. We look forward to helping you create your marketing strategies to kick 2021 off right.