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Drive More Webinar Signups and Boost Your Attendance

Webinars are one of the most effective tools for securing and converting leads. If you’ve put together a webinar, then you are already ahead of the curve. Only 57% of marketers are using webinars, according to the Content Marketing Institute.

Even though webinars are one of the most effective tools for cultivation, companies are turning to social media (95%), blogging (89%), email newsletters (81%) and even in-person events (73%) before they are utilizing webinars. Videos, case studies and infographics all outranked webinars in terms of use among marketers too. Why? Webinars take time and effort. There is a reason they are effective. They require a brand to gather valuable information that is appealing and worth the lead showing up for. It’s hard to get people to attend your webinar. So, if you have a webinar planned, you are probably asking “How do I get people to attend my webinar?” or “How should I market my webinar?

Marketing Your Webinar

Webinars are more important now than ever. Holding in-person events is difficult and nearly impossible in the current climate. Your webinar will be the best place to interact with your audience and cultivate those relationships that lead to purchase decisions. Here are some webinar marketing best practices to help you get started.

Start with Webinar Landing Page SEO

One of the most important parts of your webinar will be the landing page. Your SEO should be focused on drawing in those leads that are searching for your webinar topic. The page should quickly align your message with the goals of your incoming traffic—clarifying your webinar’s intent and making the sign-up process easy. Cut straight to the point and use any page copy to help the visitor recognize the value of the webinar. This is a great place to post a few reviews from past attendees. Have a singular CTA (call to action) that is designed to get visitors to sign up for your webinar. Do not distract with additional CTAs to push sales or navigating off the page—this will lead to rabbit trails and drive your visitor away from the webinar before they have a chance to be cultivated by it!

Utilize Your Email Lists

One of the best places to reach your audience is through your emails. Use catchy headlines and attractive buttons to draw in your audience. Segment your email lists so that you are sending your webinar to the sections of your audience that will find it valuable and relevant.

Social Posting and Ads to Boost Your Webinar

Social media is a great tool, but it can be hard to get eyes on your post. Most platforms, like Facebook, “penalize” content that includes links for moving off-platform. So, whenever you post your newest blog link or webinar signup, you probably notice you struggle to get eyes on it at all (much less achieve any real engagement). The right social ads can help get your webinar in front of leads if you target them correctly. You might consider limiting them by professional title, previous engagement with your brand (profile or website visits) or connection to competitors. It’s just as important to exclude certain groups—the people that don’t really qualify, competitor employees or those without purchasing power.

Establish Webinar Partners

Choosing the right partners to help spread the word can also be an effective way to get your webinar out there. There are professionals and corporations that serve the same audience you are trying to target. Find ways to connect with those other groups and offer incentives for them to help build your webinar audience, like including their solution in your webinar or swapping links to promote to your audiences.

Optimize Your Webinar Funnel

As you put together your webinar, it’s crucial you think about your audience and how you are moving them towards conversion. All the time and energy you put into creating the webinar and promoting it will be wasted if you aren’t tracking the effectiveness and ROI. Looking for the right marketing agency to help you kickstart your webinar and track your impact?