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How to Set Goals for Your B2B Content Strategy

SEO-optimized B2B content helps increase your website traffic and attract people that want to interact with your business. However, it does little to convert them into a customer once they’re there. You must create goals for your content that will nurture customers along the buyer’s journey by answering their questions, offering solutions to their problems, and eventually calling them to action. Here are several effective tactics you can use. 

Build Your Email Subscriber List 

Email marketing is far from a dying form of advertising. In fact, it’s a critical component of any successful digital marketing strategy. An email marketing campaign allows your company to give potential customers something they want: information. Your target audience wants to know how to get the most value possible out of your products or services. You can use your email communications to give them consistent, actionable, value-added content. 

Optimize Your Landing Pages for Conversions 

A landing page is the first page a potential customer sees when they click on an ad or search engine results listing. Since this is their first impression of your company, it’s important to pay attention to every detail. There are many factors that impact whether a user continues to scroll down the page, read and engage with the content there, and take any additional action like filling out your contact form or calling your office. 

Revamp Your Calls to Action

The B2B content on your website should be peppered with strategically placed calls to action (CTAs). Ideally, they will be in both graphic and text form. Do you have a paragraph of text that invites users to reach out to your business for help or continue reading relevant articles at the end of your blogs or website pages? If you have a very long web page, do you have call-to-action buttons easily visible and enticing to click?

Think about how a potential customer progresses through your website and how they read your content. When will they come across your call to action? Will it be at the right time for them to convert, or are you forcing it? Is your call to action compelling enough, and is it easy enough for interested customers to reach you? If your CTAs are lacking, this could be the cause of lower conversions. It may be time to revamp them.  

Create B2B Content That Supports Sales 

Good content can facilitate the sales process in several ways. For example, provide robust fact sheets to customers on the fence about a purchase decision. You can use it to inform them of your product or service benefits and invite them to ask questions. Create social proof by gathering a selection of your best customer testimonials in one place. Then, refer to it to build trust with people interested in your business but haven’t yet decided to buy. 

Craft Content To Engage Potential Customers

Potential customers want to know that they’ll be supported after they invest their money into your product or service before they make a decision. Give leads actionable, informative content at the top of the marketing funnel and throughout each stage of the buyer’s journey that lets leads know your company is invested in them, too. Then, create content that can be used to communicate with customers who have purchased from you. A follow-up email asking about their experience, a fact sheet for ways to use their product, and other similar value-added or interactive content can be effective ways to convert multiple sales. 

How Pollock Marketing Group Can Serve You 

Pollock Marketing Group offers affordable, flexible outsourced digital marketing services designed to meet your unique needs. Few service providers understand how to approach marketing from a sales perspective. As a result, many businesses suffer from the disconnect between their marketing messages and the sales process. Pollock Marketing Group has an unparalleled understanding of the entire customer’s journey from start to finish. We can help your business cultivate consistent content that results in conversions. Book a time to chat with us today to learn more.