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Hate Writing SEO Content? AI Has a Bot For That

It was only a matter of time before someone built a better writing system with AI. The important part is it actually ranked. 

Drowning In Copy Deadlines

Marketers are always chasing deadlines and swimming in copy requests, rewrites, approvals, etc.

  • Copy for the website
  • Copy for the blog
  • Copy for email
  • Copy for ads
  • Copy for social
  • Copy for collateral
  • Copy for lead magnets

It never ends. This makes project management a required skill for agencies like mine. But if you didn’t need to deal with the whims of writer’s schedules or your own writer’s block (for you DIY types) think of the hours you could save. 

Trying to automate this task has been attempted before, but most technical writing solutions write worse than a 4th grader. In my experience, very few people are comfortable with the style of writing delivered especially clients. No matter how hard a tech solution tries, there are always grammar issues, subject matter misses, and sentences that just don’t make sense. The human touch seems to be missing. 

Remember Your Goals

Another issue we have is our ego. We naturally want to sound like a Pulitzer prize-winning writer even if the content is being ghost-written. Remembering our goals for writing in the first place are important. 

“Most content goals revolve around attracting and converting qualified leads into customers.”

It would serve us well to remember this because the content is not for us. It’s for our targets. Sometimes the targets aren’t even people. Google and other search engines rank the content that decides our fate, yet few of us focus enough on SEO to ever make it to page one. The best we can hope for are long-tail keyword strings that drive organic traffic. 

AI Content Now Ranks

There’s a new disruptor in the AI content world that has actually ranked for their automated content. While their solution isn’t for everyone, the mere fact that they achieved this is a tremendous advancement in content strategy. It should also scare the crap out of freelance writers. If a marketing agency can write using AI, they need to up their SEO game to demonstrate comparable value.

“If [AI’s function] is just something like getting rid of email spam, [then] it [might] determine the best way of getting rid of spam is getting rid of humans.”

Elon Musk

Of course, it’s not perfect, but if it cuts down the time and cost of writing original content AND drives traffic — BOOM, it’s going to change the way marketers produce content. It’s only a matter of time before AI can write emotionally to capture where a prospect is in your funnel. 

Take a peek into the future of ranking content produced using AI.