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Boost Your Social Media Marketing Game

Very few businesses are proceeding with normal operations in the midst of this pandemic. So I wanted to give back by providing advice for your business marketing so that your business can survive and maybe even thrive through the pandemic. Each week, I’ll be outlining a strategy I’m using with my clients to keep their businesses running and earning.

I’m starting with something every business should be using: social media. You can rev up your demand generation strategy very quickly using it and DIY relatively well with a little practice. Odds are you have time on your hands.

Sync Your Profiles

Be sure your social profiles are consistent. This may seem like a no brainer but it’s very common to see businesses whose Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Yelp, and Instagram profiles don’t resemble the same company. Often it’s just lack of use. Even if you aren’t posting two all platforms regularly, if you have a profile take the time to coordinate the banners, logos, and descriptions on all of them. Viewers need to know that they’re in the right place.

How To Work With You

First, publish your Covid-19 business updates. If your hours changed or you have adjusted how you work, let people know. Otherwise, people may assume you’re shut down. Even doctors have started using online appointment systems and video calls for patients. If your business always required in person meetings think how you might be able to adjust to a new online appointment. Definitely let clients know about it.

Consider Your Customer’s Needs

It’s not enough to just link back to your content – like blogs and white papers. You need to update for today’s needs. What has changed for your customer? Consider their circumstances. Today they may not be in the position to buy your product, but what could they be doing to put them in a better position to buy from you in the future? Having something to offer them that helps but doesn’t “hard sell” is welcome right now. There are quite a few business still selling the same way without updating their messages. Maybe you are lucky and your product will help your clients even more during the pandemic. If your product cannot be packaged in a productive manner, you may need to come up with something else. Maybe even consider a major pivot like these parking lot businesses.

Use Staff Downtime

Has somebody on your team been begging you to manage your social media? Now is their chance. Task them to set up your social profiles to keep them busy and get your platforms started. Of course, set up an approval process so they don’t post pictures of their cat instead of approved brand messages. Unless, of course, the cat is a perfect brand ambassador. Being human right now is welcome and acceptable in social media and messaging. If your brand has been, dare I say, boring and hyper-professional, now is the perfect time to show your followers your human side.


Pinterest is not just an online scrapbook. It’s actually a powerful search engine. When pinned on keyword optimized boards, original content can drive more traffic to your website than regular search engines. The key to Pinterest is having enough original content and pins. Be sure to repin relevant and vetted pins that don’t link to spam sites or competitors. Promotions are okay, but adding visual value is where you will see returns. If you selling a product that has a catalog or a service that produces visual results, check out Pinterest. See if others in your industry are using it. If not, you may have found a channel worth owning. 


Linkedin not only loves original content publish directly to their platform, they reward it. If you are primarily searching for other business customers this is a good way to elevate your brand. But, even consumer brands can use it for demand generation. Their feed has taken on the look and feel of Facebook over time and more consumer targeting is happening there. Spend time looking at companies in your industry and modeling the strategies of successful advertisers. 

Don’t Forget About Video

Not everyone is ready to be a video influencer but there may be someone who can help. If you have teenagers at home right now, you might convince them to help. They may even enjoy having a task that would help your business. Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are great video channels. Try using your video conference system to record yourself giving a demo of your product. Instant website material!  It doesn’t need to be professional or  polished. Just look at all the popular videos on YouTube – many are homemade. Any current cell phone can probably do what you need. Just make sure to use hashtags and keywords when you title and upload so people find it.

Scale Through Automation

There are plenty of social schedulers out there (Hootsuite, Buffer, Social Bee, Sendible, SproutSocial) that allow free accounts with some limitations to how many posts you’re allowed. This is a good time to try them out and if they serve you well you can eventually buy a subscription. Like any trial, you will get supportive emails that will walk you through using their service. Be aware, there are some platforms that don’t schedule well across all platforms. In my experience automating as many as possible cuts down on the workload and makes it easier to schedule a week or more posts at one time allowing you to set it and forget it for a week. Sites that are visual, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook, are notorious for being fussy. Sometimes it’s easier to post directly to those sites rather than needing to QA. 

Lead Clicks To Offers

Don’t forget the offer. Make sure you send clicks from posts back to your website pages that continue the customer’s journey. Just sending people to your homepage and cart is not OK. They will tire of you quickly. Consider adding CTA buttons at the bottom of your blogs that move the reader to a logical step in your new sales cycle. The flow might look like this:

  1. Social post on Topic A
  2. Link to blog post on Topic A
  3. CTA to get free Evaluation relating to Topic A
  4. Easy conversion page with minimal friction

Minimal friction means – name and email only! If you ask for more information, expect lower conversion rates. 

Share Your Fun Side

Do you have team members who have talents that your internal team thinks are pretty cool? Do they get asked to perform at company functions? Is their dog missed now that no one is in the office? Showcase those human hobby’s and pets online showing that you do more than your business. Nothing helps boost your image then watching the CEO burning a grilled cheese on video and trying to still feed it to his kids. (Yeah – we’ve all done it!) It’s okay to be human now more than ever. 

Keep coming back for our continuing Pandemic Marketing Series. We are on a mission to help provide free ideas and strategies to help your business survive and hopefully, Thrive through the pandemic. If you need more help, we have adjusted our offers to support small projects and consulting during these times where businesses are mindful of their budgets. Check out our latest Service Packages.