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Tricks To Make Your B2B Landing Page Convert

Your B2B landing page says a lot about your business. It not only provides vital information about how to contact your team, but it sends one of the first brand messages that a potential client will see. It develops a potential client’s expectations about your company, products, and services.

As a business owner, you have likely heard that you need to follow certain “best practices” to have an effective website, such as having good SEO and content that adds value. While this is still good advice, you may wonder—what do you really need to create a landing page that is going get a client in the door? What is the difference between an average landing page that provides information and a landing page that converts?

Purposeful Creation

A B2B landing page should not simply throw together a few images and provide your contact information. Instead, it should be an extension of your company’s brand. You should spend time thinking about the client you want to attract with your site and the best ways to appeal to that person.

A simple layout is often the most effective. Build in several options for clients to explore and get more information in a way that does not interfere with your call to action.

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“Best Practice” Design

While your landing page content is critical, how the page itself looks is equally as important. Clients are far less likely to move forward to contact a company if their webpage does not work properly and looks unprofessional.

Simple things like making sure images have the correct aspect ratios and the appropriate resolution can go a long way. Using HTTPS is also associated with better conversion rates as well.

B2B Landing Page Performance

Landing page performance is extremely important when it comes to conversions and overall client satisfaction. Even a second or two of delay can significantly reduce the customer experience.

According to LoadStorm, a Cloud Load Testing Tool, 25% of visitors to a website will simply leave the page if it takes more than 4 seconds to load. LoadStorm also reports that nearly half of all users will not go back to your website if it does not work properly the first time.

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Use “Above the Fold” Positioning to Your Advantage

The old adage that is used for print forms of advertising in the newspaper is still relevant to website design and performance. Ensuring that the most important information, including a call to action, is at the top of the page allows your potential clients to get vital information and take action quickly.

Keep the Action Simple

Having several offers on the same page can be overwhelming for some visitors. Instead, focus your efforts on just a single call to action or means to contact you.

When a landing page has multiple offers, it will generate upwards of 250% fewer leads than those with just one offer. You can create a new page for other types of products or calls to action if you want to do that.

Use Testimonials and Social Proof

Adding testimonials right to the bottom of your page can be a great way to build trust for a potential client. When clients can read reviews and see your social media feedback right on your page, it will instill confidence about the services you provide or the products you have to offer. Providing case studies and showing off sample work can go a long way as well.

Limit Exit Opportunities

Taking away navigation options from a potential client will help them stay on your page longer. Keeping external and internal links to a minimum on your B2B landing page can be very useful if done properly.

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Keep in mind, however, you do not want to frustrate your potential client, either. If they came to a landing page by mistake and need to find another product or service that you offer, there should still be a way to get back to where they need to go.

Create B2B Landing Pages that Convert

If you are tired of your current B2B landing pages’ poor performance, it may be time for a larger conversion strategy and some redesign. We can help. Schedule a free consultation today.